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Zip Pack of 12 - Powerful Glow in the Dark Camping Accessories for Tent

Zip Pack of 12 - Powerful Glow in the Dark Camping Accessories for Tent

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  • Glow zipper pulls allow you to easily find sleeping bag and tent zips at night.
  • Bright in the dark: GLO-X revolutionary camping supplies and accessories for campers make nighttime camping a lot safer, far more convenient, and much more fun.
  • 12+ hours continuous charge: Our zippers & small glow markers are quickly powered during the day by sunlight or a powered lighting source and can be recharged an unlimited number of times.
  • Unstoppable lighting: Our camping glow markers will light up your entire tent at night, and their use is only limited by your imagination.

Product Description

Seeing the need for an alternative light source, as let’s face it – electricity fails, batteries run out and chemical lighting isn’t exactly ideal – GLO-X set out to create an alternative light source that can be used anywhere, at any time.

After careful planning and refining of their technology, GLO-X created these incredibly powerful glow light and paints now in use in a wide range of applications across the industrial, residential and recreational sectors.


Charging Method Sunlight/Power Sunlight/Power Sunlight/Power Sunlght/Power Batteries Sunlight/Power
Charges Quickly
What You Get 12 Zippers 4 Round 4 Straight Markers 2 Glow Tags 2 Stainless Steel Split Rings 2 Wheel Glows 1 Spray Can of Green, Hot Pink or Aqua 1 Supercharger Glow Flashlight 24 Superglow Soft Fish Bead Attractors
No Batteries Batteries not included
Glow Time 12 hours + 12 hours + 12 hours + 12 hours + 12 hours + 12 hours +
Enhances Safety
Increases Visibility
Made In Australia
Laboratory Tested by LMT Lichtmeßtechnik GmbH Berlin (2017)
Used For Tents, Caravans, Motor Homes, Trailers, Backpacks,Sleeping Bags, Jackets, Fences, Steps, Walkways etc Dogs, Cats, Keys Bikes, Wheelchairs Skateboards,Bikes,Helmets, Motorbikes, Fishing Lures/Sinkers/Gear Scooters, Artist Paintings, Kids Toys etc Makes all glow products glow instantly Fishing