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Luya Automatic Swimbait

Luya Automatic Swimbait

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1. ABS plastic material, sturdy and durable, resistant to knocking. The inner steel ball is tested by precision instruments to ensure the swimming style of each bait to the greatest extent.
2. There is a steel ball in the fuselage to shift the center of gravity, which can move to the tail when throwing to increase the throwing distance. The air posture is stable and smooth, and it is not easy to turn. Fun. The ball will roll when dragging the steel fishing line, making the swimming process smoother and more realistic. There will also be a crashing sound, which strongly attracts the fish's attention and increases the effect of the bait.
3. The surface treatment adopts 3D printing, the color is bright, the fish scale is highly simulated, and it has a reflective effect underwater, which can effectively attract the attention of the fish.
4. Instructions for use: Put the electronic fish into the water for a few seconds and then start, the LED light will be on, and stop after 5-10 seconds, waiting for the bait prey. After being taken out of the water, Duoyu Electronics will turn off and the LED light will go out.

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Bait form: Electronic bait, automatic swimming bait
Capacity: 250mah
Continuous use time: About 1 hour
Size: 5 1/8" 1.4oz
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Bait X 1