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Pet Hand Throwing Ball Draw Rope

Pet Hand Throwing Ball Draw Rope

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1. This is a pet toy that interacts with the main pet and integrates multiple functions such as automatic telescopic hand throwing ball, pet yo-yo, molar ball and so on. This toy can bring more fun to the dog.
2. The hand throwing ball has a built-in retractable drawstring, which is placed on the owner's middle finger through the round soft rope buckle at the other end of the drawstring. After rotating, it can be thrown by inertia to throw the ball far. Bring more happiness to owners and pets.
3. Put the round rope buckle on your fingers, and throw the pet ball freely with gentle force on your wrist. The pet ball will rebound under the action of the built-in retractable rope structure. Repeat this process in this way to interact and play with the dog, increase the interest of the product, and enhance the relationship between the owner and the dog.
4. The pet ball can be directly given to the dog as a molar ball. In the middle of the molar ball, there are 360 full-enclosed soft molar protrusions of different sizes, and the hard ball body is also designed with a variety of different shapes of molar points. Thoroughly clean the dogs incisor, molar, and tines from the food residue and dirt. You can also apply pet-specific toothpaste or attractant on the molar bumps to allow dogs to brush their teeth.
5. In the process of interacting with the owner, it can increase the dog's happiness, relieve the dog's daily anxiety when he is bored, so that the dog will not have the habit of destroying the family's furniture, clothes, etc. You can also free your master's hands, allowing the master to tease the dog and relax.


Product Category: Dog Toys
material: plastic
Weight: 78g
Specification: American Blue, Dutch Orange

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1*Pet draw rope hand-throwing ball