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Outdoor Travel Water Bag

Outdoor Travel Water Bag

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(1) Material: Double-sided imported TPU. The material has the characteristics of strong hydrolysis resistance, strong antibacterial property, high strength and high water pressure resistance. [Comply with Chinese GB national standard and US FDA or NSF food grade standards, and European EN71 does not contain heavy metals and toxicity test specifications. 

(2) Bonding process: double-sided TPU full heat sealing process (the whole process does not use any glue materials to avoid possible toxic substances), strength: water pressure resistance test is greater than or equal to 60 kg

(3) Silicone water-tight nozzle system: adopt water-tight nozzle. This nozzle is equipped with an opening and locking device. Use in the open state [Just pull gently with your mouth. Drinking water is convenient and safe; when locked, the water will not flow out, and the sealing is good; with the design of the silicone suction nozzle, it allows you to liberate your hands when drinking water, which is convenient for continuous sports, especially suitable for outdoor sports and military purposes!

(4) Suspension system: the double hole design above the bag body can be used with a special water bag backpack, and can also be used with the water inlet handle.

(5) Water injection port: even cover design with handle, easy to operate, safe to use [will not lose the cover]; high-quality sealing performance design, silicone gasket in the cover to prevent water leakage.

(6) Water pipe: A three-connecting kit is used to connect the bag body and the spout. This place is easier to loosen due to frequent pulling, and the three-connecting kit is more solid and reliable! There is a silicone gasket at the end of the water pipe connection to prevent water leakage and leakage.



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