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Self-Lifting Fishing Rod

Self-Lifting Fishing Rod

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    A self-lifting fishing rod is a type of fishing rod designed to automatically lift the fishing line when a fish is hooked, without the angler having to manually set the hook. This feature allows for quicker and more efficient hooksets, as well as reducing the chances of the fish escaping. The rod typically has a sensitive tip that detects the fish's movements and triggers a mechanism that lifts the line. This can be especially helpful when fishing for species with delicate mouths, as it can help prevent the hook from tearing through the flesh and causing unnecessary harm to the fish.


Product information:

Material: FRP, stainless steel

Fishing rod type: sea rod

Tonal: Super hard tuning


Model: 6.8ft/7.8ft/8.8ft

Packing list:

Self-Lifting fishing rod x1

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